About Bernard

Hey I’m Bernard Ting Chong.

After 21 years of hands on business experience in various industries, I decided to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals and succeed in their area of expertise.

I will be taking you through all aspects of business to help you achieve massive results in the shortest and easiest way possible – including what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between.

Coaching and Training

How Can I Help You?

How Bernard can help “you” solve “your” Top 5 Business Challenges

“I work with people that have different needs and have different educational and business backgrounds… People that want to achieve massive results in their businesses or personal lives… Or people starting businesses from scratch but, are battling to gain the traction they need to make it happen quickly.

We will create an action plan that will keep them laser focused, so that they can make the necessary changes or achieve their desired results in the fastest time possible.”

Sales & Marketing

  • You’ll have turn-key persuasive ways to generate more leads or prospects
  • A step-by-step marketing plan that will significantly increase your new customers, revenues and profits with minimal effort and time
  • Create online marketing strategies and customer focused advertising that will attract your ideal clients
  • More effective sales appeal for your products or services, that will uniquely set your business apart and above your competition
  • Build a professional profitable sales conversion system or strategy
  • Develop a strategy that will attract lost customers back to your business
  • Increasing the average sales value and improve sales results from existing customers
  • Introducing new and more profitable product lines or services to capture a new customer base and increase sales revenue

Team Building and Leadership

  •  Develop and build strong strategic leadership skills that will enable you to not just manage your business but, lead your team to success
  • You’ll re-discover your passion and focus, you need to build your ideal business
  • Using a recruiting system that is efficient so you can find the right people to build you ideal business team
  • Developing ongoing training programs so your team is more efficient and productive in their jobs, so that they are more qualified to help your company grow
  • Training your team to over deliver on customer services and creating customer loyalty
  • Helping you and your team to work more pro-actively rather, than reactively by trying to solve problems as they pop-up

Running Your Business

  • Setting strategic short and long term goals for your business, as well as your personal goals, so you can determine your company vision
  • You’ll have the freedom of time away from your business, while it continues to grow and generate more profits, and it will operate successful without you
  • Know how to re-invest profits back into your business or invest profits to generate a passive income for an additional income stream
  • Have a strategic action plan for your business and team that is focused on getting greater results to move your business to the next level
  • Getting your business and team to the next level, so your ideal business and team can run it smoothly, productive and more profitably without you, so you can have the freedom of time to spend with your family, loved ones or take time off for holidays
  • Ability to expand operations to other desired locations, by opening new outlets and using your proven profitable business model and competitive advantage
  • Create a profitable franchise system that sells very well to franchisees, that are willing to pay you massive royalties


  • Putting in systems for monitoring, controlling, managing and reporting your business finances so you will know if your business is generating clear profits
  • Know how to work on your business, instead of in your business by developing a systems dependent business and not a people dependent business
  • Create your organisational chart, give clear job descriptions so your team know exactly what is expected of them and make sure your business administration is covered
  • Ability to build consistency of delivery into your products or services by over delivering on the quality and customer experiences


You’ll have direct access to a great coach that will keep you motivated, focused, give you the clarity and direction your need, answer your most important questions and help you grow your business and dreams. Bernard will help you take your business and dreams to the next level.

Business Growth Programs

Let's Build A Business That Works, So That You Don't Have Too!

If you’re a business owner or planning to start one, my programs will help you strategically build a profitable platform – so that you can grow and scale your business and most importantly your life.



The Success Stories

James Hughes,

Bernard has helped me take my business to the next level, his training programs must be taken seriously if you want to improve.

Trust in Bernard, you won’t regret it.

James Hughes, James Hughes Online
Riaan Swift,

After a couple of months I started to notice that my months would end in a positive balance, generating a small profit. Currently my sales are up by 200% and has been fairly consistent.

I’m proud to call Bernard my friend and coach.

Riaan Swift, Swift Manufacturing
Simo Matamela,

My business grew and sales increased but, it only paid the bills and I wanted more. It’s been two years since I met Bernard and my business profits are up by 80%. Thanks Bernard for teaching me to do business the smart way.

Now I’m friends with Bernard.

Simo Matamela, BYD Designs
Zaid Mackay,

Bernard’s program has been a huge eye opener, using a really simple yet effective formula. Armed with this strategy I feel more in control of my business because my focus is on what matters most, which is incoming producing activity.

I would recommend Bernard’s coaching because he clearly know’s what his talking about and teaches.

Zaid Mackay, Zaid Mackay
Damian Deyzel,

Bernard helped me to take our family business that hadn’t seen much growth in many years, to a business that can operate profitably without me. We work a lot less and our profits are much higher and more consistent.

I’d like to thank Bernard for his program. It has transformed me, my business and life. I highly recommend his program to anybody.

Damian Deyzel, HD Panel Beaters


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