About Bernard

Hey – I’m Bernard Ting Chong, nice to meet you!

Like you, I have walked the solitary road of an entrepreneur by choice – for over 17 years because I wanted an entrepreneurial living that could give me the financial freedom to live my ideal lifestyle and to have the freedom of time.

My Journey

I started my first business at the age of 21, I soon learned that business wasn’t as easy as I thought, I felt like a slave working longer and longer hours… Without the rewards I deserved for my ambition, hard work and sweat… Eventually I forgot why I got into business and lost my passion for business.

I even searched for a business coach that could perhaps help me but, I never found the “Coach” I was looking for. I found Executive coaches but, they still couldn’t give me the answers I wanted… How to build a successful business? I was desperate to find out how to build a successful business that could operate smoothly, productively and profitably without me. I’ve personally met so many business owners that have built amazing businesses that do operate successfully without them. So I began to research the true ways to build a successful business. After a decade of trial and error I finally had a working system that can be applied to any business, with guaranteed results. I have combined this Business Growth System with my 17 years of hands on experience in building businesses. During this journey of self-discovery I realized there are countless business owners battling with the same painful problems that I have experienced. I had a “light bulb” moment, I genuinely enjoy helping people and working with action takers. This journey led me into the coaching industry – my true passion… Once that moment came, my life changed forever and the rest is history. Until this very day, my driving force is to make a difference to other people’s lives… “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours…” Quote by Les Brown If you are serious about taken your business to the next level, book a free strategy session with me – I’d love to chat to you!  What makes me unique is that I have over 17 years of hands on business experience and I have owned and successfully ran 5 businesses. In different industries namely Importing, Apparel Manufacturing (CMT), Mechanical – Engineering, Automotive Body Repairer and E-Commerce. This has definitely given me a unique set of skills and an understanding of the needs of individual businesses. My clients results is proof that my Business Growth Programs – genuinely works… My Promise!I will always over-deliver by providing massive value in my business growth programs, using a step-by-step teaching method without anything left out…” Find your Business Growth System!