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The Revenue Boost Shortcut System

And Yes - You Can Increase Your Revenue By 46% Per Month In Your Existing Business - EVEN If You:

Have lost your passion for your business.

Have never built a profitable marketing machine before.

Have no expert status in your industry.

Have tried everything else before.

Need More Proof, Here Are Just Some Of My Success Stories From Everyday Business Owners Such As Yourself:

Are You Ready To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Increase Your Revenue By 46% Or MORE Per Month... Starting Today?

Let's just be crystal clear about a few things from the beginning....

This is not a get rich quick overnight scheme.

This is not a sneaky scam trying to sell you products that don't work.

Or pretty much anything else you've probably tried before.

This is a real business opportunity you can grab right now with both hands and watch your revenue soar to a 46% increase or more, per month.

You Were Meant To Be Here If:

  • YOU are struggling to increase your revenue.
  • YOU are not hitting your revenue targets.
  • YOU are overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to grow and scale your business.
  • YOU want to generate the cash flow you want and need in your business.
  • YOU want to take your business - and life to the next level.
  • YOU want to finally get paid what you are worth.
  • YOU want to do the things you always dream of and live your ideal life.

My Journey And How It Can Help You Succeed

Over 17 years ago I discovered the world of business and was hooked. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I just knew I had to start my first business, so this is not a rags to riches hard to swallow story.

Since then I've ran and started 5 different businesses from scratch. In multiple industries namely Importing, Apparel Manufacturing (CMT), Mechanical Engineering Services, Automotive Truck Body Repair Services And E-Commerce (Business Coaching). This has definitely given me a unique set of skills and an understanding of the needs - of everyday business owners such as yourself.

After 7 Years Of Painful Trial And Error... And Battling To Consistently Increase My Revenue...

I Finally Found And Perfected A System That Actually Worked...

After years of trying different systems, testing, trial, error and too many failures to mention... I realised I was focusing on the wrong areas in my business. I was to focused on Sales and Profits and lost focus on other key element that could boost my revenue significantly.

Once I put it down on paper I couldn't believe how simple it was. So I began to implement this system in my current business at the time. And before I knew it my revenue was up by 50% in matter of months. I felt like I was sitting on a magical formula that works for any business. Soon I began to share it with my relatives and friends. Most of them didn't take the time to follow this system and thought it was to much work.

However, one particular friend did take action and follow through, and a few months later. I ran into him, he just couldn't stop smiling - eventually he just let it out. And said, Bernard this Revenue Boosting System is amazing - it's definitely working for me...

At that moment I could see his eyes light up and the passion he was feeling - when he spoke of his business. It's this moment that led me to develop the Revenue Boost Short System - so that I can help as many business owner's as possible, increase their revenue as much as possible. All over the world!

Revenue Boost Shortcut is incredibly simple and
takes your step by step through everything you need to do to
increase your profits by 46% or more...

No Stone Is Left Unturned... Nothing Is Held Back...

It's divided into 8 easy to follow videos... Simply watch each video and do exactly what I reveal to you. You can't mess this up even if you tried.

'This is my complete Revenue Boosting System - to increase your revenue by 46% or more, per month'

You can watch the videos as I walk you through every single aspect of what makes a real revenue boosting marketing machine.

Let's Lay It Out For You...

  • 1

    The Key Building Blocks (Value $11)

    Inside this video you will discover what crucial building blocks are required to build a sustainable revenue boosting marketing machine.
    You will also discover how to develop the perfect success mindset that's needed to succeed and defeat any limiting beliefs you may have. So that you can take your business to the next level.

  • 2

    The 46% Revenue Increase Foundation (Value $14)

    Inside this video we lay the foundation for your marketing machine so that we can begin to build your revenue boosting marketing machine to suit your business. We'll focus on the 5 foundations to your marketing machine, namely:
    Understanding the basics - covers everything you need to know
    Understanding your revenue Indicators - are responsible for boosting your revenue
    Understanding your breakeven point - so that you can get paid what you deserve
    Understand setting targets - your business needs targets or milestones to aim at
    Understanding your dash board - so that you can access the health of your business and detect any problems before it spirals out of control

  • 3

    Ensure Peek Performance By Testing And Measuring (Value $17)

    In this section you will discover how to create an environment for your business to perform at peek levels - just by testing and measuring. This will give your business the momentum and traction that's needed to grow and scale your business.

  • 4

    The Ultimate 4 Revenue Indicators (Value $34)

    You've probably wondered if there's a magical formula that can increase your revenue, right? Well it's true! In this section, you'll discover a formula combined with your revenue indicators - that could increase your profits by 46% or more. Imagine what this could do for your business and life.

  • 5

    How To Increase Your Revenue Indicators (Value $27)

    Inside this video you will discover exactly what activities are and what activities will increase your revenue indicators. And how to increase your revenue indicators - by implementing the right activities that work for your business.

  • 6

    Find Your Winning Activities To Increase Your Revenue (Value $17)

    Unsure of what activities will increase your revenue indicators? Then this video will reveal exactly how you can find your winning activities and how to leap-frog your competitors by staying ahead of the pack.

  • 7

    Everything Comes Together (Value $17)

    In this video you will discover how to tweak your marketing machine until if generates the cash flow you want in your business for years to come. With that said, remember you only have to build your marketing machine once. Then all you have to do - is to test, measure and tweak it every now and then to consistently increase your results.

  • 8

    Your Ultimate Revenue Blueprint (Value $13)

    In this section you will discover the 6 pillars to strengthen your already built marketing machine. So that you can generate even more cash flow over the short and long term.

Total Value $150 ONLY!

Act Fast And Get These Bonuses Absolutely Free:

  • Bonus Video: Six Steps To Enhance Your Business Today (Value $47) - In this bonus video you will discover the ultimate 6 steps to building a better business. So that you can take your business to the next level and beyond. I'll reveal exactly how to build a business that can operate profitably without you. What does this mean for you? Well, you will have the freedom of time to focus on growing your business or just to live life on your terms.
  • Additional Bonus: Secret Community (Value $50) - You will also get direct access to me personally in a secret community, so that you get all your questions answered in full, to make sure you implement everything correctly. This way, you not only have the steps to achieve your goals but, also the accountability and support to keep you on the right track - headed in the right direction.

Combined Total Value $247 ONLY!!

Here's The Deal:

Investing $247 is a drop in the ocean compared to what Revenue Boost Shortcut is really worth.

Inside this system you get the exact knowledge that I share with my platinum coaching clients to increase their revenue results - that magnifies their profits.

And let's face it, $247 is not even the price of a cheap holiday or car these days.

You don't have to pay $247 today though.

Act Now and get the Revenue Boost Shortcut for just $27.

That's right - just one payment of $27.

That's a fraction of the price other people are paying for this kind of life changing system - that will take your business and life to the next level.

Why Is It Just $27?

I wanted to make this an absolute no-brainier decision for everyday business owner's such as yourself - looking for a proven step-by-step system to increasing revenue by 46% or more...

Starting today.

I want to leave it at $27 for as long as possible until the volume of customers I am dealing with - forces me to up the price - which is going to be VERY SOON.

With that said, I didn't spend a fortune on producing this course. It was designed with one thing in mind - to give you a straight to the point - no nonsense road map to follow. So that any business owner can increase their revenue by 46%. Without all the fluff and filler - because I know as an entrepreneur you're extremely busy.

This course is a result of me being an entrepreneur for over 17 years - of hard work and effort...

Putting together everything that works and discarding everything that does not work. So now you don't have to spend years working things out for yourself.

I've been exactly where you are right now... Struggling to increase my revenue... Struggling to grow my business and life... So I've designed this course for someone who simply wants to change their business and life for the better. Someone like you.

It's Just $27

Hit the "Add To Cart" button below right now and get the Revenue Boost Shortcut for a low price of $27 before I up the price.


My Rock Solid 365 Day Guarantee

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All I ask is that you work through the course and implement all the action steps (to the tee).

Just $27

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See you on the inside,

Bernard Ting Chong.

P.S. Remember, this special price is only available if you act right now - this price is for a limited period only! I know you'll make the right decision.



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