The Difference Between Successful People And Failures

Today’s post is fairly candid, so if you’re easily offended, this post probably won’t make sense. But, if you are truly serious about taking your business and life to the next level. And you don’t mind a bit of a “wake up call”, then it’s exactly what you need to hear right now…

Many people don’t know this, but I’ve been in business since I was 21.
Ever since then, I have started and grown 5 different businesses from absolute zero, and at the beginning I had to live a less than ideal lifestyle…
… All the way to building my ideal business, allowing me to spend as much time with my family as I want, having the best things in life, and giving me a generally great life as a result.

In other words, I started from scratch and did all this by myself, with nobodies help.
And over my 17 year journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve noticed just ONE difference between successful people who allow money to flow effortlessly into their business, and unsuccessful people who always seem to be losing money.
Quite simply, that difference is proactivity.

Unsuccessful people moan about what they don’t have, and do nothing about it.
Whereas successful people (or potentially successful people) are only successful because they are proactive enough to actually go out there to find the solutions to their problems.

Or to put this into the “Business” context…

When a method requires you to make an investment in yourself, for example…
An unsuccessful person would say, “I don’t have resources to invest in myself, so this method wouldn’t work for me”. Then they’d probably won’t invest in themselves, so that they can take their business and life to the next level.

Whereas a successful person would say, “I don’t have the resources to invest in myself, so I’ll go out there and find a way no matter”
Because that’s what it takes to be successful.

So my point is –
If you want to create wealth in your life, you need to chase it.
Being wealthy is not something you can “activate” with the push of a button. It’s an ongoing process, gained through learning, implementation and experience.

Just like planting a seed, nurturing that plant, and it blossoming into a beautiful flower.
Nothing will fall into your lap. Nobody is going to do everything for you. There will never be a “perfect time” (or situation).

You need to be proactive enough to seek out the answers for yourself. Even if it means investing in yourself.
But this doesn’t just apply to having things or not having things.
This also applies to knowledge itself.

If you don’t know how to do something, research it, find a mentor or business coach. That knows the pathway to success because they’ve walked this journey.

To conclude, I know this post may seem a little link today’s “Rant Of The Day”, but not being proactive is really the reason WHY you probably haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve in your business (and even your life) so far.

So do what you have to do, to take your business and live to the next level. Always remember the biggest investment you’ll ever make, is in yourself. If you want to achieve massive results, then you have to magnify your skills. This will probably require that you invest in yourself…

Don’t continue chasing the next shiny object because get rich quick schemes don’t work… Implement everything you already have access to, as you most likely already have everything you need to be successful, sitting right under your nose.

I know you can do it, because you’ve read this blog post this far. People who are “doomed for life” will have already left this page after the first few paragraphs.

I know you’re different.
So get out there, close the loops, take action, and get results!

Talk Soon!

– Bernard Ting Chong (Founder & CEO, Business Growth).

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